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Nomad x Pasadena Music Festival (2013)

// Because//

This is far too interesting, and we are far too intricate to escape the unknown. Hand in mind and heart in hand, this fall is all we know.

Anonymous said: dick foo are you married!?!

haha to my creative work, yes.

Followers and Friends, here is the finished music video I had the opportunity to work on a while back. I was reluctant to do some directing, and be the main camera op on set. Our cast and crew did a wonderful job, please pass it on and share our love for visual storytelling!

// Memory Bank,//

there was this young woman I met. Maybe two years ago. Celluloid lust brought us in distant contact, then aligned our eyes and minds all at once. A slow, gradual understanding erupted from nowhere. A friend, a companion. Standing there together through the years of our lives in which we were lost. Thoughts mangled in the ivory vines of life and maturity. Struggling to find a fresh breath of air in a world drowning us beneath the murky waters of conformity. The thought of our moments are nostalgic and refreshing. A friendship unlike any I had ever encountered. Discussions containing no limits. Imaginations knowing no boundaries. Free souls flowing for an eternity. A friend. A real friend. A mutual understanding. A pair of minds on par with one another. Not a girl who stole my heart, but one who stole my mind.

two lovers on a hotel bed. Intertwined and aroused. Adding enough body language to make the tongue jealous. We don’t care to think, at all. At least most of us sit here telling ourselves and everyone around them that everything is going to be okay. We are going to succeed in our dreams, we will reach our goals, we will fall in love, we will die happy. We couldn’t be any further from the truth. But of course, we feel the need to justify every action, every word, and every thought. I am not the least bit heart broken, I am in fact falling in love. Although I feel mangled and twisted at times, I’ve learned that falling is what we have learned to embrace. I live and die by the notion that, “everyone you love, have loved, or care(d) for, will eventually hurt you in some way or another”. However grim and distasteful this may seem, it is a reality we must face. No justification, just a plain fact. This doesn’t stop any of us from moving forward, and it shouldn’t. We put the past away, work towards a better future, and maintain freedom and peace within the present.

We are all living lives stolen from memories and wishes we want to become, only to find that we are going everywhere all at once.

Anonymous said: are you single??


That moment when you know for sure your heart is there, but it still doesn’t feel like it.


Escape into something. I am a meticulous fuck.

Escape into something. I am a meticulous fuck.

Life happens, and for once, someone has made it impossible to express how I feel in words. Whatever may come of this is out of these hands, and into these hearts. You are my best friend, now and always. However, everything I have ever wanted is the what I must stay away from. Heres to you and all your beauty, for you are the radiance which guides me home.

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